Sunday, August 4, 2013

So I'm Back~♥ And Now I'm a Summer Mermaid Babe! ♥

Hello everyone! I'm finally back from a very long (too long ;A;) hiatus.

I've been working all summer so it pretty much took all my time and energy ~_~;; 
but luckily starting on Wednesday, I'll be working only 20 hours a week so I have more time for fun again ^^;

but a few neat things happened over the summer

Like I got my first tattoo!! ~finally ♥~! 

It's a BTSSB teddy bear~

Yeah it's this guy! ^^ 

I've been wanting this tattoo since I was a lolita so I finally decided to get it and have it as the centerpiece for my kawaii half-sleeve ^^

I'm getting it filled in later this month (probably after next paycheck >u<;;) so I'll post more about that later

I also dyed my hair cotton candy mermaid colors! 

I'm actually /really in love with this color 

And I've been dressing cute whenever it is possible ;u; 

Like I wore this cute mermaid outfit to go eat breakfast at Waffle House with Shadow ♪

And err...lastly, I smashed my nice phone into pieces by accident ^^;; so that's why I don't have many photos from the summer ;--;

but I'm just happy to be back, even if nobody reads my blog anymore (I feel like everybody in the blog community has kind of..disappeared?) because I miss writing and posting cute things

Anyway, that's all for now! There will be more ahead shortly ♥


  1. I'm still reading your blog =) Welcome back !

  2. Glad you're back! You're tattoo is Super cute!! I look forward to seeing it when it's done ^_^

    Sweet and Simple

  3. I'm a secret lurker and love that you are back :-) Your tattoo and hair color absolutely rock!! More pics please!

  4. I think your hair looks fabulous and I just love your tattoo <3. Keep up the kawaii work!

  5. Yayyyyy, you're back!!
    I love your tattoo, I'm too chicken to get one. Perhaps one day.....
    xx Katie. ^v^

  6. Oh my goodness! You are back! Huzzah! 8D I personally agree with you with the disappearance of some peeps in the blog community. Most of the ones I read in particular had vanished off the face of the Earth! D8

    Anyway, nice tattoo! Love the mermaid theme that is going on! ^^

  7. I love kawaii tattoos and I can't wait to see yours finished ^^ It already looks very cute. I love your haircolour too!

  8. You have a choice, dear:
    77ish years -VS- eternity Upstairs.

    Coming to my BIG-ol,
    John Belushi, party-hardy
    in illustrious Seventh-Heaven?
    Eternal pleasure-beyond-measure?

    BTW... Im an NDE.
    Now I know s'up, earthling:
    the Great Beyond is totally,
    extraordinarily gorgeous4ever.
    Follow us on the journey Upstairs.